NBRF Grants Round Expressions of Interest

In order to foster and facilitate relevant actions and projects by the many stakeholders and partners in the Biosphere Reserve, the NBRF Board has delegated authority to a Board Sub-Committee to administer a Grants scheme, using funds made available through the NBR Trust.

The Board Sub-Committee consists of Claire Cartright (Chair), David Dique, Karen Hussey and Frank Wilkie. The Sub-Committee is supported by Nick Heath, strategic adviser to the NBRF.


Incorporated not-for-profit entities and community groups.

Private businesses and individuals are NOT eligible to receive grants directly, but are encouraged to collaborate with an incorporated not-for-profit organisation or community group through which an application can be made.

1. Project Details
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Contact Details
2. Project Plan

The overarching purpose of this grants round is prosperity from protection, with a focus on "Big Ideas" in four priority areas.

Please indicate which of these priorities your project responds to, noting that your project could be relevant to one or more of these priority areas.

Select Priority Areas
Project Details

In no more than 600 words, please indicate how you intend to undertake the project, clearly describing:

  • The project"s objectives and methodology
  • Key stages of the project and milestones
  • An indicative timeline across the life of the project
  • How your project activities will achieve your chosen NBRF Priority Area(s)
3. Project Budget

Please provide a complete budget for your project indicating whether there is any in-kind or cash contribution to be made by the participating partners.

Organisation Description of expenditure Cash contribution In-kind contribution Total
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4. Responses to Selection Criteria

(Max. 300 words for each criteria)

Criteria 1 (Weighting: 30%)
Criteria 2 (Weighting: 30%)
Criteria 3 (Weighting: 20%)
Criteria 4 (Weighting: 20%)

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